Meet the Team

TJ Anderson

Anderson Acres Adventures and Hjort Blinds Founder

TJ Anderson

Growing up in Wisconsin we lived for opening day of deer season.  For us it was something you didn’t miss.  Now it has turned into a year round event.  From planting to blind placement to shed hunting and of course opening day.  Everything I have learned, I learned from trial and error and repeated repetition.  I have always wanted to share that experience with my kids and anyone who shared the same passion. 

That is why I started Anderson Acres Adventures and Hjort Blinds.  I wanted to create opportunities for my family to share the outdoors with your family.  We spend most of our lives inside and a lot of us forget about mother nature and the connection we have to it.  My hunts and blinds are there to reconnect you to the outdoors.  My hope is to pass along knowledge and tell stories of brotherhood in the outdoors. 

Please join my family and pro staffers and be a part of our story. 

Todd Anderson

Pro Staffer

Todd Anderson, Hjort Blinds Pro Staffer

I have been around the world hunting.  From the plains of Africa to Florida Everglades.  My passion is to travel and experience the outdoors as much as I can.  I have been hunting for over 40 years.  My most memorable experiences have been those with family.  My favorite part is the travel to the destination.  We try to drive to these locations to experience the buildup of the hunt and tell stories of past adventures.  My goal is to experience as many trips as I can and share my experiences with my kids and grandkids.

Join us on our adventures.   

Sam Andersen

Pro Staffer

Sam Anderson, Hjort Blinds Pro Staffer

I love to spend time outdoors with my family.  The hunting is only a small portion of the experience.  The best part is when you’re not in the blind or on the stand but when you are with your friends and family.  The stories that are told and the memories that are made are more important than the trophy.  My dad would take me out to the turkey blind with my brother and we would wrestle around until the blind would collapse.  We never did get a turkey but all of us will never forget that time.  I want to share that experience with you.

Come join us. 

JD Andersen

Pro Staffer

My hunting life started when I was a kid.  We would hunt gophers in the yard with my dog Gabby.  She would put on the stalk and I would catch them as they tried to get away with my red ridder BB gun.  That transferred into my love of bow hunting and firearms.  I am building my knowledge and hunt experience and will share with you that journey. 

Let’s Go…..


Pro Staffer

Nova, Hjort Blinds Pro Staffer

Chocolate lab.  Loves hunting, loud toys and Grandpa.  Specialize in goose and duck hunting but have managed to get in an upland game hunt or two.